Accessory Design

Walk In My Corridor


I imbed objects that are used by three different groups of people in between 

transparent vinyl to construct three bags. 

I express people's isolation in the city. The products that comprises one's life is

now be revealed in a way we usually can't see.


 For the first bag, I put in a high school math exercise book, a correction tape, a uni ink pen, a pair of ear pods, a round mirror, a bottle of “maidong”, a pack of mentos mint candy, fours key board  “a””w””s””d”, a eyemask, and a mouse pad.



Bag No.2 which is in the form of suitcase, represents the middle age man group. I put in a lighter, two cigarette packages “Zhong Hua” “Yu Xi”, a strip of cold medicine, a moutai packaging, a staple, a pen, three clips, a tea cup, some green tea, a pack of smecta, a floss, a foot patch, a credit card, a tooth brush, a comb, some snacks. This bag expresses the mundane office activities, entertainment culture, and unavoidable ailment of middle age people.


Bag No.3 is a old lady’s bag which is most commonly seen on the street. In the bag, there is a fan and a high heel shoe with gold sequin for public square dancing ( which is an exercise routine performed to music in square, plazas or parks of the nation’s cities), a pair of presbyopic glasses, a glass case, a box of Berberine, a can of pehchaolin( an old Chinese cosmetic brand.)